Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

London Fire Brigade sources report that there is a Commercial Kitchen extract ductwork fire on average every 9 days in Greater London alone.

We clean Commercial Kitchen extract systems to diminish the fire risk in your kitchen, by removing the grease deposits that build up over time. This is most commonly found in parts of the kitchen such as: Extractor Fans, Canopy, Grease Filters and Ventilation Grills. Our cleaning team operate to the required standards of TR19, the leading guidance document issued by the Building & Engineering Services Association. This is seen as the industry standard insisted on by most insurers to ensure safety standards and to remain an insurable proposition. We issue a certificate of cleanliness to TR19 standards as well as a report that includes before and after photo’s.

Insurers may not always pay a claim if the duct system was found to be the cause of the fire spreading, especially if it could be demonstrated that the system was not properly cleaned in accordance with their policy conditions or warranties.

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